Spine Care Collection

    • Softness
    • Light weight
    • Perfect finish
    • Cover Material : Poly Cotton
    • Comfort : Medium Soft
    • Filling Material : Foam
    • Height of product in inches : 6
    • Length of product in inches : 78
    • Width of product in inches : 72
    • Product Weight : 30
    • Warranty : 5 Years
    • Dual tempered system steel spring retains the highest and consistent tensions during the mattress warranty time and beyond.
    • Reduce partner disturbance and motion transfer.
    • Full mattress perimeter Power-Edge support system that gives you a bigger sleeping surface till the edge of the mattress while stop the roll-out feel.
    • Unique in-built Ortho-Tech Zone. The unique support features offers the heavier gauge wire springs for a real back support.
    • High resilient 30mm comfort touch foams
    • Non-woven springs protection pads.
    • Compact 800g durapads
    • High resilient 27mm optimum quilts mattress covers
    • Hyper soft comfort 440g polyester
    • Full perimeter firmer foam edges ensure no roll-out feeling.

    Data sheet

    Spinecare: Tight-Top & Pillow-Top  Height: 6” inches  Warranty: 3 years