Inspiration Collection

    This mattress is designed in both Tight-Top & Pillow-Top models, its unique features are even body weight distribution, extra support from all four sides. Each pocketed spring units is covered with thermo-bonded cotton felt. This thermo-bonded felt finest materials and it does a superb job of helping regulate your sleeping temperature, keeping you warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

    Premium Pocketed collection is a deep contour pocket spring bed with superior technology and design to provide you with a minimum partner disturbance and motion transfer. Look of rich classic bed, this is finely hand crafted with high density PU foam and extra firm poly fiber for enduring sleep. This unique product is available in 3 distinct heights.

    • Dual tempered system steel spring retains the highest and consistent tensions during the mattress warranty time and beyond.
    • Reduce partner disturbance and motion transfer.
    • Full mattress perimeter Power-Edge support system that gives you a bigger sleeping surface till the edge of the mattress while stop the roll-out feel.
    • Unique in-built Ortho-Tech Zone. The unique support features offers the heavier gauge wire springs for a real back support.
    • High resilient 30mm comfort touch foams
    • Non-woven springs protection pads.
    • Compact 800g durapads
    • High resilient 27mm optimum quilts mattress covers
    • Hyper soft comfort 440g polyester
    • Full perimeter firmer foam edges ensure no roll-out feeling.

    Data sheet

    Inspiration 6inches: Tight-Top & Pillow-Top  Height: 6” inches  Warranty: 3 years
    Inspiraton 8inches: Tight-Top & Pillow-Top  Height:
    6” inches  Warranty: 5 years