Wonder of nature

The lancet-shaped leaves of the Sloe Vera are fleshy, broad and think and contain a gel-like sap. this gel has multiple properties that are beneficial to your health. In other words the best of ehat nature has in store processed into a mattress cover that provides greater welliness...

In our regions we know Aloe Vera as a flowering house plant this enjoys spending the summer on your terrace. In nature it is mainly found in Africa, Asia and in subtropical regions as well as in the Mediterranean. Because of its hard leaves and spiny edges it is often incorrectly considered to be a cactus, but it does belong to the Lillium genus or Lillaceae family.

The sap of the Aloe Vera - also called gel - contains a number of substancewhole presence is scientifically proven. Aloe Vera Gel mainly has a favourable effect on the skin because of its protective and nutritive constituents. it is as beneficial for a dry and sensitive skin as it is for a rough and chapped skin. Aloe Vera gel purifies the skin and supports the immune system. It is also effective for a red and sensitive skin, against insect bites and itching.

Added values
> Skin-friendly

The healind effect of Aloe Vera on the skin has been known for a very long tine. The gel in the leaves of Aloe Barbadensis Miller contains at least 160 valuable, purely biological substances including enzymes, vitamines, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acides, Scientific research has clearly demonstrated the beneficial action Aloe Vera on the skin. A mattress fabric treated with Aloe Vera is not just very pleasant to sleep on, it is also very effective energy level.

> A soft sensation for a sound sleep

ALoe Vera contains 160 important biological compounds. It protects and regenerates the skin and gives a very soft sensation. One of these compounds is acemannan, which is stored in al the cell membranes of the body and has an immune enhancing, stimulating and activating influence. Hence also the enomous auccess of Aloe Vera in cosmetis applicationd.

Okotex 100

The sap of Aloe Vera Barbadensis leaf, called Gel, has a favourable effect on your health, The Aloe Vera plant well deserves its nickname "Wonder of Nature" or Magic Wand". The heading effect of Aloe Vera on the skin has been known for thousands of tears. Historine claim that Alexander the Great planted large fields of Aloe to treat the skin of wounded Greek planted large fields of Aloe to treat the skin of wounded Greek soldiers with the sap, and in his ship's log Colombus wrote: 'Everything is all right

> A Scientific research

With the prognos measuring system (Turingen University ) the effect of each additional material brought within reach of the body can be exactly determined. a mattress fabric treated with Aloe Vera delivers a demonstrable better energy balance, so that people sleep better.

> Nature lends a hand

The nourishing ingredients in Aloe Vera have a beneficial effect on the skin. Aloe Vera is good for connective tissue, stimulates the growth of new skin cells and removes dead cells, The gel also cleanses the skin and protects it against the damaging effects of the environment.

> Aloe Vera contains amongst others:
  • Vitamins : including antioxidates Vitamine C, E and Beta-Carotene (which the body converts into vit A )
  • Minerals : including calcium, chromium, iron, potassium, copper, manganese, magnesium, sodium and zinc
  • Amino acids, including 7 of the 8 essential amino acide
  • Sugars that support the immune system and increase the body's resistance
  • Enzymes that break down food and ensure a good bowel function
  • Lignin ,a substance allowing the Aloe Vera to penetrate deep into the skin, even thriugh the basal lamina
  • Sapons ,soap-like substance